Friday, July 15, 2011


It has been a long time since I have posted on here. Summer is going well. My husband is still working his 28 hours a week, so not much has changed there in that area. Our garden is not doing as well as we would like, but have got a few things out of it. We have got cucumbers and squash and now we are getting a few greenbeans out of it. Fresh vegetables are great.
In June the little girl I was keeping has left me, because of her moms schedule. She will be starting kindergarten in August anyway. It is kind of strange not having any little ones running around here. I had both her and her sister since they were little babies, that was for about 6 years. I am missing them already. Everyone says I need to get some more children to keep, but I am taking a break right now. I need to clean and organize my house right now, since I have the time. Some days I don't get much done because of motivation.
Well until next time, whenever that will be. LOL! Have a great summer.