Friday, April 30, 2010

Planted Our Garden

Today is the last day of April and got most of our garden planted today. We went to the farmers market to purchase our plants and seeds that we wanted to plant. We already had tomatoes planted, so we planted squash, cucumbers, okra and rosemary to keep the deer out, because they do not like that. We also planted a row of sunflowers. David has to be at work at 1:00, so we will be planting our greenbeans this evening after he gets off at 6:00, we will still have plenty of daylight left to plant them. I am looking forward to some fresh veggies, so hopefully our garden will do well this year. Until next time Happy Gardening.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Cleaning of The Computer Desk

This is something I have been putting off for some time now, cleaning of the computer desk. Actually you could not see the top of the desk, because all the paper on it. I had about everything on it, like notepads receipts, recipes, a little pocket calendar and some other things on it, and yes I found crumbs on it too. I have a little glass jar on the desk I keep pens or pencils, but when you want to write something down there's not one to be found. Oh yes another thing I found on the desk was dust. My how the dust likes my house.
Now I can see my desk again. The only thing I left on the desk, not counting the top shelf is 2 notepads, little sticky notes and a little pocket calendar and the little jar for my pens and pencils. Now we will wait and see how clean it stays this time. Until next time.
Have A Blessed Week.