Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update on Our Garden

Our garden is doing good so far, even though we lost 2 tomato plants. We still have plenty more tomato plants that are doing good. Our rosemary on the other hand is about to die. We may have to replant those. We have never planted cabbage before and the cabbage plant is doing great. My husbands brother gave us the cabbage plant, so I hope we have a big one. We need some more rain on our garden so it will not get to dry, but David has been watering the plants in the evening when it is cooler. The bean seeds we planted, I have not noticed them coming up yet. I think sometimes I get too inpatient. I just need to leave it to the Good Lord and the garden will grow. He knows what we need.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karen,
    Stopped by for a visit & to see how you are going - looks like your vegie garden is starting to grow. Take care & I'll stop by again soon.
    Hugs, Sharm